The Panorama House
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The Panorama House


This perfect, clean volume offers a great view over the entire length of the house to the surrounding landscape.

It is a massive chunk that sits very comfortably, it also works well for the odd afternoon nap – we have been told.

  • L 550 mm
  • 2000 mm
  • H 550 mm
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For orders outside the Netherlands and Belgium we need a day to make you a price for the delivery. Why? Because we need to find a reliable guy to bring you the element, someone who treats it nicely, like a baby and not like a football – and for a fair price. Terms & Conditions

Technical information

Coating Information

    The flexibility of SIXINCH foam and coating is limitless and that’s exactly why this technique is so perfect for custom jobs.

    There are no molding costs nor set up costs. We start from a big block of foam which is CNC cut in any possible shape you desire.

    Then we foam coat it in any possible color imaginable. When the product is ready it is flexible, waterproof, seamless, hygienic and looks very cool!

  • Flex Plus
    1. Foam 35 - 65 kg/m
    2. 1 layer of PU Coat SOFTFLEX
    3. 1 layer elastic PU
    4. 1 color layer
    5. U.V. stable
    6. Coler systems RAL- NCS
    7. in and outside use

Technical Information

  • Flex Plus Stain RemoverSpecific stain remover for flex plus coating, coffee, wine, champagne stains etc. easily disappear
  • Flex Plus CleanerUniversal cleaning and maintenance.
    Product for flex plus coating.
  • FoamSixinch uses only the highest standard of PU foam quality of the best suppliers in this field.
    Different types of PU foam are applied, depending on the project and design of the item.
    All foams are produced in Belgium.
    - Net density: from: 34 up to: 44 kg/M³ - (ISO 845) CFK FREE
    - Compression CLD: 180 to 200Kpa 25% - 220 to 300Kpa 40% - 415 to 570Kpa 65% (ISO 3386/1)
    - Carrying capacity ILD: from 5.0 to 8.0 bij 40 % N (ISO 2439/B)
  • UV Colour stability- Sixinch U.V. pigments are colour stable - 4 year climate test with colour red = less glossy, no visible change in colour.
    - Sun test: CPS plus from ATLAS / 55° - 765 W/m² - 10 cycles – 20hr radiation – no change.
    - QUV: 4 days UV radiation + humidity – classifi cation 0 – no change.
  • Weather & water resistance- Flex Plus™ coating is weather and water resistant.
    - Cold test: Thermotron SE-300-2-2 – temperature at -40° C – duration 24 hr.
    - No change in fl exibility or description
    - Damp Heat cycle test: 80hr. 10 cycles, -40 °C to +85°C with humidity 50% RH.
    - Dry Heat Test: Oven Binder world: +80°C – duration 24hr – no change.
  • Maintenance & Cleaning- Storage advice: keep furniture inside and dry during extreme weather conditions, this will keep your product in better shape.
    - Normal cleaning: use warm water with a soft detergent and a cotton cloth.
    - Stains: use special cleaner to remove staining.
    - Remark: avoid coffee, champagne, mayonaise and red wine.
  • Ecology- Sixinch products can be re-sprayed and repaired until a certain level, which leads to a long lifetime of usage.
    - The foam itself is 100 % recyclable, and CFK free.
    - Sixinch has a commitment of recycling all its waist and uses the latest technology.
    - Packaging is done to highest standards using recycled materials.
  • SafetyFlex Plus™ coating complies to the DIN EN71-3 standards for children’s toy.
  • Flame RetardantMost Sixinch products can be made “flame retardant” by using a specific type of foam.
    This involves a small cost and is possible on small quantities.
    Class: BS5852/source 5 – French M4 – German B2 – cigarette test source 0 – DIN 4102 B1 – BS5852
  • Durability- Aging: oven Binder world test – coating description & flexibility.
    - Adhesion: Cross-cut tester ZCC – DIN / ISO 2409 n° T1079358.
    - Pencil hardness test: ISO 15184 – pass from 6B until 3B.
    - Rod Scratch test: hardness meter N° 5810 – pass from 1.00N to 4.00N

Additional Information


Grey, Light Blue, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Light Green, Dark Green, Black, Beige, Camel, Brown, Dark Blue


Flex Plus ™ – Indoor Use